Thursday, February 9, 2012

It Used To Be KC

In 2006, Tim and I took a mountain bike trip in Utah with two other couples from New York. We got into a discussion about Krispy Cremes vs. Tim Horton's in Canada. They thought Tim Horton's were "the bomb". Krispy Creme was new to our area at the time and not that we were big doughnut connoisseurs but it was off island so it was always a little treat if we happened to be in Burlington and had time to stop and get a Krispy Creme. I drove by there today and it was no more. I felt sad the Krispy Creme was gone. The one really cool thing I loved about this place was how you could watch the doughnuts being made through this big window. I think you could follow their little doughnut beginnings from dough, to cooked, to frosted and finally to mouth.

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow, bummer! Yeah I liked those fresh, hot doughnuts. Mmmmmm they were good! And jeez they put a fence around the place even... Sad.